Using Kratom for Insomnia

kratom for insomniaAlthough it isn’t something that is frequently talked about, I have found that kratom can be a tremendous help to those who suffer from insomnia. My personal experience have been nothing short of miraculous when it comes to dealing with this problem.

I have previously tried other pharmaceuticals to deal with sleep problems, but they either leave me waking up as if I hadn’t got sleep, or waking up extremely lethargic. A good strain of kratom, however, helps me sleep and doesn’t leave me feeling nasty in the morning.

However, before you decide to use kratom, there are some things you should know, otherwise you may wind up with worse insomnia instead of curing insomnia.

The first, and most important thing is strain choice. If you don’t have much experience with different strains, it can be very difficult to find one that is ideal for insomnia. Some strains, especially Thai and Maeng Da can leave you wired instead of tired. For this reason, I’ll go over some popular strain choices for insomnia, and for all of these I highly suggest getting a red vein:




By sticking to one of these three strains, you’ll have much better luck finding a kratom that works for you. In my experience, a good Borneo is unbeatable, but your mileage may vary.

Another thing to consider is dosage, in my experience it is a good idea to dose moderate-high doses in order to avoid the stimulating effect that is common in lower doses of kratom.

Hopefully with this information, you will be able to beat insomnia once and for all.

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