Kratom’s Media Portrayal

kratomOne of the things that frustrates me unbelievably is kratom’s portrayal in most of the mainstream media. Just reading through the news on kratom, you’ll find unjustified and unbelievable claims of kratom causing violence, hallucinations, and other misinformation which has no evidence in either experience or studies done on this wonderful plant.

However, on the other side of the coin, I have come across very genuine journalists who report on kratom in a fair and unbiased way, but it seems that these reports are far and few between, though luckily they have been increasing in number as kratom becomes more popular.

In any negative campaign like this, control of information is key, though even in the age of free information, this misinformation still continues to be disseminated through popular channels. In order to keep this medicinal plant legal, accurate and genuine information needs to be spread on kratom.

Anything that you can do to provide accurate information on this plant can be tremendously helpful. Because of this, I urge you to do whatever you can to ensure that quality information on kratom is spread.

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