Euphoric Kratom Strains

euphoric kratomI recently wrote an article about buying kratom, and included a general depiction of a few different kratom strains, but this time I’m going to go much more in depth to help you find the most euphoric kratom strain. Like many other good things in life, a good euphoric strain of kratom can be hard to come by, so I decided to compile this list to make it easier for you to find.

Top Euphoric Kratom Strains

Because kratom strains all have different properties, every user will respond in a different way to different strains. Because of this, naming the one most euphoric kratom strain would not only be myopic, but wrong for many people. Because of this, this list is based upon how most users respond to different strains.


Maeng Da

Maeng Da has for a long time been considered by many to be the most euphoric strain of kratom for a few reasons. The primary reason is because it contains high levels of painkilling alkaloids which are primarily responsible for euphoric effects. For many, Maeng Da also has a bonus level of euphoria from its stimulating effects, however, not all respond well to them, so it may not be the case for you.


Another highly euphoric type of kratom is the indo strain. Although Indo is often used as a blanket term for several different strains of kratom, vendors typically only list their most potent Indonesian kratom as a true Indo. Typically Indo strains are highly sedating and typically contain very little stimulating effects, making them perfect for those who prefer relaxation.


Borneo strains are quite similar to indo strains in a lot of ways, but are typically even more sedating. With Borneo strains, it is often hit and miss, however, some of the most euphoric strains of kratom I have experienced were Borneo. Borneo have a characteristic warm, sleepy, carefree feeling.


Like both Indo and Borneo, Bali strains are sedative, but Bali is somewhat more stimulating. Some enjoy this, but others claim that Bali has a dirty feeling. It is definitely a personal preference, as I know some kratom users who only use Bali. This article contains some good information on the unique nature of Bali strains.


For those looking for a euphoric but stimulating strain, Thai can be a hit or a miss, however, red vein Thai is almost always a good choice. Red Vein Thai is very similar to maeng da in effects, but can vary a bit. For stimulating strain lovers, I would highly suggest it.

While there are a vast number of other different strains which have euphoric properties, these are the most purchased for a reason. For those who prefer a sedating strain, Indo, Borneo or Bali are ideal, while energetic kratom fans, Thai or Maeng Da is ideal.




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